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Funny Jokes to - English Jokes


Funny Jokes to - English Jokes

Hello and welcome to our new post. Today I have provided funny English jokes. Funny jokes are part of our life. Jokes are very beneficial for our health. Doctors always recommend reading jokes. Because laughing is very beneficial for our health.

Friends🙂 come and go, like the waves of the🙂 ocean… But the true 🙂ones stay, like an octopus on your 😜face.
Friends buy 🙂you lunch. Best friends eat your😜 lunch. 😂😂
What 🙂do Alexander the Great and Winnie the Pooh have in 🙂common? Same middle name.😜😂
You 🙂think I’m crazy? You should 🙂see me with my😜 best friend.
Funny Jokes to - English Jokes
You call me🙂 your best friend, but where🙂 were you when my selfie only had😒 four likes?
If you have🙂 friends as weird as you, then you have 🙂everything.
We’ll be friends 🙂forever because you already know too 😁much.
I love that🙂 our effortless friendship fits perfectly with my 🙂laziness.
Your secrets🙂 are safe with me and 😜all my friends.
Friends comfort 🙂you with comforting words. Best friends 🙂comfort you with comforting words 🙂too, but with 😜sarcasm.
“Friends are🙂 like con@*ms, they protect you when things get😜 hard.” Unknown
Funny Jokes to - English Jokes
“Tis the privilege 🙂of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her😜 nonsense respected.”
“Me and my 🙂best friends can communication with just facial 😎expressions.” Unknown
The 🙂holy passion of friendship is 🙂so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring a nature that it will last 🙂through a whole lifetime, if not asked to lend 🙂money.”
“Never let 🙂your best friends get 🙂lonely… keep disturbing 😜them.” Unknown
True friends🙂 don’t judge each other, they judge other 🙂people together.”
“When you’re in 🙂jail, a good friend will be trying to bail 🙂you out. A best friend 🙂will be in the cell next 🙂to you saying, Damn, that was😜 fun.”
Three friends, 🙂stranded on a desert island, find a 🙂magic lantern containing a genie, who grants them each one wish. The first friend wishes he🙂 was off the island and back home. The second friend wishes the 🙂same. The third friend 🙂says “I’m lonely. I wish my friends 🙂were back here.”
Teacher👨‍🏫: Tell me an example of a🙂 creature that can live on🙂 the water as well as🙂 the land. Student👨: Frog.🙂 Teacher👨‍🏫: Another example. Student👨: Another 😁frog.
The teacher is🙂 explaining to the 🙂student, “If you see someone 🙂sinking in the water, you should pull his🙂 hair to save him from the water. It will be easy 🙂for you.’ Student👨: But sir, if it happens🙂 to you, we shouldn’t help 🙂you. Teacher👨‍🏫: why? Student👨: Because you don’t🙂 have any hair.
Two friends were 🙂walking through the woods when they thought🙂 they heard something. They turned around 🙂and saw a big black bear coming towards🙂 them. Both men started to run when one of them 🙂stopped to change into tennis shoes. The second man said ‘You don’t have 🙄time to change shoes. You can’t outrun that 😒bear!’ The first man said, ‘I know I can’t outrun the🙂 bear. I only have to outrun 🙂you!
Teacher👨‍🏫: Suppose, you have 4 coins 🙂in your pocket and there is a 🙂hole in the pocket. All the four coins 🙂fall down from that hole. What will you have in 🙂your pocket? Student👨: A-hole. 🙂
Teacher👨‍🏫: Sir, why doctors 👨‍⚕️wear a mask😷 when they do an🙂 operation? Student👨: For safety. If the patient 🙂dies, others can’t find out who did the 🙂operation.
Funny Jokes to - English Jokes
Manager: What is your 🙂qualification? Pappu: I’m 🙂Ph.D. Manager: What do you🙂 mean by Ph.D.? Pappu: Passed high school 🙂with difficulty. 😂😂🤣
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